Zia Alonto Adiong lauds Angel Locsin’s relief efforts


Like a true blue Darna in real life!

Former Marawi spokesperson Zia Alonto Adiong recently lauded the efforts of TV star Angel Locsin on her initiatives to help the earthquake stricken communities in Mindanao. On his Twitter, the Politiko posted his sentiments on how consistent Ms. Locsin has always been, when it comes to lending a hand to others.

« Angel Locsin went down to Marawi at the height of the siege and distributed relief packs for the displaced residents », he Tweeted.

« Now she’s back in Mindanao this time in North Cotabato doing exactly what she does when calamity strikes – Helping. », he added.

A series of earthquakes struck Mindanao last week, causing families to be displaced and old buildings to collapse, leaving over 20 people dead.