Zia Alonto Adiong: Government must be proactive in lowering insecurities of countrymen


The former ARMM Assemblyman shared his thoughts, based on his experience in the Marawi siege.

Zia Alonto Adiong, Member of the Bangsamoro Parliament and spokesperson of Lanao del Sur’s Task Force on COVID-19, recently shared his thoughts and reflections on how to handle the pandemic crisis. On his Twitter, the Politiko said that the government should act fast in ensuring safety of the people.

“We learned a lot from the Marawi Seige. In this particular health crisis, government must be proactive in lowering the insecurities of our people so that may become our partners in fighting the real enemy, this timme, it’s COVID-19”, he wrote.

Furthermore, he also reminded his followers that this too, shall pass.

“Remember, #walangforever”, he added in jest.