Walang takas! Ombudsman goes after Duterte’s cousin for firing employees

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Danao City Mayor Ramonito Durano III has been charged before the Sandiganbayan for refusing to bring back fired government employees.

The Office of the Ombudsman filed the case after finding probable cause to indict President Rodrigo Duterte’s second cousin of Section 67, Book V of the Administrative Code of 1987, in relation to Section 121 of the Revised Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service.

The case stemmed from the complaint by employees of the City Administrator’s Office, namely, Orlando Dagatan, Amabella Gomez and Cecilia Lawas, whose employment were revoked by Durano in 2013.

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) issued rulings in 2014 which ordered Durano to have the three employees reinstated and pay back their back wages, leave credits and other benefits.

However, the Ombudsman said Durano reused to implement the rulings issued by the CSC in violation of the law.