VM Nova Parojinog’s alleged inmate lover Herbert Colanggo is on Spotify


Fresh music from Herbert C. straight up from New Bilibid Prison, y’all!

The alleged boyfriend of Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog, Herbert “Ampang” Colanggo, a convicted leader of a robbery group, is a recording artist who can be streamed through music streaming app, Spotify.

His 2014 album, entitled Kinabukasan, is posted for public streaming on the site, with over 900 active listeners monthly. Colanggo, who had been sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment in 2012 due to his involvement in several robbery cases including the RCBC, had been honing his singing career from behind bars.

He had also been dubbed as the leader of the Ozamiz robbery gang.

You may listen to his album here: https://open.spotify.com/album/1BFJ9jygbyAfIHKcVwLx4G.