VM Kikang Uy extends appreciation to frontliners in various barangays


The Politiko made his routine of distributing to the frontliners.

Cagayan de Oro Vice Mayor Kikang Uy recently visited Barangay Bugo in District Dos, to the top and furthest Barangay in Cagayan de Oro, the Barangay Besigan, which is in the mountain part of District Uno, to distribute relief packs for frontliners.

“I expect my big thanks and salute to our barangays frontliners against COVID-19. For almost two years of sacrifice, accepting this risky job, service, this is my little way to be expected to all Barangay Officials and Workers, BHWs, BNS, Police, Contact Tracers, my deepest thanks to all of you”, he wrote.

He then reminded everyone to follow protocols and continue to serve together in care and prayer.