VG Shirlyn Villanueva: The Dudirty you’re calling is cleaning up your mess!


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The Politiko has some rebuttal to President Rodrigo Duterte’s haters.

He might have been hated by many but for North Cotabato Vice Governor Shirlyn Villanueva, this “dirty” man is a man of actions. The Politiko took to Facebook her sentiments on the recently held Manila Bay rehabilitation participated by volunteers from the public and private sector. VG Shirlyn said that while a lot of “bashers” are calling out the President on his shortcomings, he is doing tangible actions to clean the country.

“The “Dudirty” you are calling is cleaning up your mess. Can you think of any president you have supported in the past who managed to clean up Manila Bay and Boracay?”, she wrote on her Facebook.

She further added that “Dudirty” might not come clean and has apparent flaws but “he cleans up – again your MESS!”, she emphasized.