VG Shirlyn Villanueva stands against bullying


This Politiko won’t tolerate any sort of bullying, especially when it involves her own daughter.

North Cotabato Vice Governor Shirlyn Villanueva recently took to Facebook her firm stand on bullying and said that nobody ever deserves that.

“When you are away and your daughter send this message to you, makes you want to fly back home. Palalampasin ko lahat just spare my kids because I raise them well”, she wrote on her page Wednesday night.

In a series of phone screenshots, her daughter Sheena told her mom that someone from their school wrote something bad about her on the walls of the boys’ CR. As a loving mother, the Politiko replied to her daughter by asking her to stay still and pray for foregiveness.

“I hope the school will do something about this not because it is Sheena but because no one deserve to be bullied”, she added.

No to bullying!