VG Shirlyn Villanueva lauds Sara Duterte’s integrity


Ladies got each other’s backs, always!

North Cotabato Vice Governor Shirlyn Villanueva recently expressed her admiration of Mayor Inday Sara Duterte’s “integrity.” VG Shirlyn shared the official statement of Mayor Inday concerning the withdrawal of the disbarment case filed against her in 2011.

“This is integrity”, VG Shirlyn wrote on her Facebook page, referring to the statement of the Presidential daughter, saying that she never asked any witness to withdraw the case against her as she has always maintained that “she will face the consequences of her actions on that fateful day of July 1, 2011.”

VG Shirlyn had earlier expressed her seal of approval for Mayor Inday to run for the highest seat in the country in 2022, with the hashtag, “#DuterteTilInday2022.”