VG Shirlyn Villanueva gets some rest on a coco husk


In the misdle of a busy campaign sortie season, it’s the best sofa ever, the Politiko quipped.

North Cotabato Vice-Governor Shirlyn Villanueva recently shared how she took some time off from her campaign to rest on a coco husk. On her Facebook, the Politiko shared a photo of her sitting on a husk.

“One of the best sofa i bet most of my beshes cannot afford. Bahala na ug bukong basta naa pa-flower si Inday!”, she captioned her post.

VG Shirlyn is currently running as Board Member of the 1st District of Cotabato. She had always developed strong ties with the Presidential daughter, and had also previously affirmed her support if the Presidential daughter opts to follow her dad’s legacy.