VG Maricar Zamora shares #plantita tips to fellow plant lovers


Anyone else who’s turned into a certified plantita after the lockdown?

Davao de Oro Vice Governor Maricar Zamora recently shared some helpful tips in raising new plants. On her Facebook, the Politiko identified four important tips to her followers.

“Know the plants. Ila-ilaha sila kung unsa ang ilang ikalipay. Know the habitat where they thrive. Do not uproot them from where they grow comfortably. Kita pud kaha, naanad ta ug puyo sa bugnaw, ikalit ta ug butang sa init, dili ba ta mangaluya”, she wrote.

She also underscored not to “sacrifice plants for the sake of aesthetics”, and instead focus on the health of plants. Lastly, she reminded her fellow plant enthusiasts to keep plants not to grow, not just to post on social media.

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