VG Benglen Ecleo shares sweet secret to lasting relationships


Love truly wins for this Dinagat Islands power couple!

Dinagat Islands Vice Governor Benglen Ecleo recently shared a very sweet tip on how to keep the fire burning. On his Facebook, the Politiko shared a photo of him and beau Ford Fernandez, along with a lengthy message about igniting the spark and keeping the relationship for a long time.

“The real secret to a successful marriage…Never stop courting each other. A touch of the hands as you pass in the hall. A hug for no reason. Buy that ice cream HE likes. get her that special chocolate she likes…just because”, he wrote.

He further added that such sweet and simple gestures, when done for no special reason, will keep relationships for long.

“The trick…just don’t fall out of love at the same time…keep the spark alive by simple gestures”, he added.

VG Benglen, who’s been in a long term relationship with SK Chair Ford Fernandez, is the son of current Governor Glenda Ecleo, and is an official of the Philippine Benevoleny Missionaries Association, the religious group founded by Ruben Ecleo, Sr.