VG Benglen Ecleo shares mom’s medical update


The Politiko urged his followers to pray for former Gov. Glenda who hasn’t been eating a lot lately.

Dinagat Islands former Governor Glenda Ecleo, and her son presumptive VG Benglen Ecleo, went back to conduct some tests on her medical condition. On his Facebook, the Politiko posted some photos of her mom, and shared that she hasn’t been eating a lot for a while now.

“Mom’s bloodworks are fine. Please e pray nyo na may gana kumain lagi si Mommy kay gagmay ra kaayo sya kinan an. As in isa or dalawang kutsara lang. Minsan but very seldom marami din, he wrote.

During their recent stay in Manila, the incoming VG Benglen happily shared that his mom’s medical tests mostly turned out normal and healthy.