Thanks fellow Pinoys! Paolo Duterte enjoys free pulutan in Shanghai


The Presidential son received some treat from the Filipino staff of this resto-bar in China.

Paolo “Pulong” Duterte happily enjoyed his free pulutan at Paulaner Müncher
given to him by Filipino staff serving in the establishment. On his
Instagram account, the former Politiko thanked the Pinoy staff for their
utmost hospitality.

– “Daghang Salamat Jona Malijao ug sa mga Filipino staff sa Paulaner bar
sa inyong mainitong pagdawat kanamo ug sa paglibre ninyo sa akoa ug
pulutan….”, he captioned his post.

Pulong, along with his wife January Navares and two kids Sabina and c,
are currently having a vacat in China after touring South Korea last week.
Hashtag, travel goals!