TF Davao intercepts 54 more LSIs who evaded quarantine rules


The Task Force Davao has intercepted 54 more locally stranded individuals (LSIs) who tried to enter Davao City via land trip or another airport to skip quarantine protocols.

The LSIs who came from Luzon while some of them were passing by for other provinces, using Davao City as a gateway, were intercepted within 24 hours from Saturday, August 1, until Sunday, August 2, the local government said.

The new number of intercepted LSIs brought to 286 the number of persons, who had been stopped by the TF Davao in an attempt to bypass the reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) requirement. Of the total number, 140 are residents of the city while the rest were from other areas.

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio said returning LSIs from the city, who tried to skip requirements, still have to undergo the RT-PCR test to determine if they are not infected with new coronavirus. But they are not priorities as of now.

For those just passing by, the city government said they will be escorted to the borders by personnel of the City Transportation and Traffic Management Office to ensure that they will not deviate to other areas of the city.

Those using the Davao International Airport as an entry point to other areas are subjected to Covid-19 test upon exit.