Tawi-Tawi towns now have 24/7 power supply – Napocor

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At least three towns in Tawi-Tawi are now enjoying a 24/7 power supply with the recent launching of three power plants in the province, the state-run National Power Corporation (Napocor) said Friday.

The towns, which have round the clock power service, include Panglima Sugala, Mapun and Sibutu.

“We now have considerable power reserves to our power plants in the municipalities of Balimbing (now called Panglima Sugala), Mapun and Sibutu, hence the extension of its operating hours from 16 hours to 24 hours,” said Nestor Flauta, Napocor’s chief for Small Power Utilities Group (SPUG) – Mindanao Operations Department.

The 24-hour operations are benefiting over 4,000 households and these would also boost local livelihood, such as fishing, seaweed farming and agriculture, he said.

Napocor said that its Balimbing and Sibutu Diesel Power Plants are set to receive additional 500 kW and 600 kW generating sets, respectively this year as part of its capacity addition program.

The corporation’s other power plants in the province such as Manuk Mangkaw and West Simunul in Simunul, Tandubanak in Sibutu, Sitangkai, Tandubas and Languyan are likewise included in the 2018 capacity addition program.