Tanda na ‘ko, retire na! Paolo Duterte doesn’t want be next PH President


Nope, the oldest Presidential son doesn’t wanna follow daddy’s footsteps.

Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte expressed his intent to retire and spend more time with his kids through his Instagram account. On the comments section, the Presidential son said that he simply intends to run as PTA President in his kids’ school instead of running for national elections.

“PTA President. Matanda na retire na spend time with kids”, he wrote as a response to a commenter referring to him as the next President of the Philippines.

The VM has five kids – three with his former wife Lovelie Sangkola, Omar, 23, Rodrigo II, 19, Isabelle, 17 and two with his wife Hon. January Duterte, Sabine, 11 and Uno, 5.