Takot sila? Police grappling with dearth of witnesses in Parojinog raid probe


The Police Regional Internal Affairs Service (RIAS)-Northern Mindanao is apparently having a hard time finding witnesses in their investigation of the bloody July 30 raid on the Parojinog family compound in Ozamiz City.

According to RIAS Chief, Senior Supt. Gerry Galvan, they’ve so far only received the testimonies of detained City Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog and two civilians.

A Brigada News FM Cagayan de Oro report Saturday (August 12) said that RIAS was supposed to secure testimonies from three more civilian witnesses, namely aliases Cesar, Junjun and Anjie, but the trio has yet to appear.

The investigators are now waiting for the results of the Scene of the Crime Office’s (SOCO) forensic examinations to find out what truly happened between the raiding team and the members of the Parojinog political clan.

Carrying search warrants, police swooped down on the Parojinog family compound early morning Sunday (July 30), sparking a shootout that led to the deaths of 15 people including Ozamiz Mayor Renaldo Parojinog Sr.

The Parojinog camp and police are accusing each other of starting the gun battle. Nobody was killed from the side of the lawmen.

The Parojinogs were identified as narcopolitikos by the Duterte administration. Nova claims that the raid was full of “irregularities.