Sweet naman! Omar Duterte tours Bondi, Australia with pretty gf

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Sweet lover talaga!

Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte’s son, Omar, definitely had a great time in Australia as he went around the city with his pretty girlfriend. On his Facebook account, the 23-year-old Presidential apo shared a couple photo of him and Jennifer Katrina Yamuta at Bondi, Australia, which is known for its pristine beaches.

“It doesn’t matter where you’re going it’s who you have beside you”, the Presidential apo wrote on his Facebook page along with a photo of him with his girlfriend of three years.

Omar, Jennifer, sister Isabelle and his family from his mother side just got back from a vacation in Australia. Some of their stops include Canberra, Kiama and Sydney Fish Market.

Omar is the eldest son of VM Pulong with former wife Lovelie Sangkola Sumera. He has four other kids, Rigo, Isabelle, Sabina and Uno.