Surprise! Ecleo bros Benglen and Ruben reunite

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Amidst their differences, love for family will always prevail.

Much to the surprise of Dinagat Island residents, VG Benglen Ecleo unveiled on his Facebook that he and his brother are totes in good terms with each other. His brother, Ruben Ecleo, who founded the so-called Rubenians International, attended the local event in Dinagat. Ruben was with his wife, Maricel, who is also part of the religious organization. VG Benglen shared some photos where he happily welcomed his bro in his home, and shared a spread together.

“Thank you so much for coming Sir Ruben Ecleo and Ma’am Maricel…”, he wrote.

It can be recalled that a rift between the two prevailing religious organizations – Rubenian International and the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association, in the Ecleo-led land has ensued over the recent months. VG Benglen, who is an appointed leader of PMBA, had earlier urged the people to unite, instead of criticizing the differences of one another.