Sunday habit: VG Ace Cerilles shares Sunday family day bonding


The family that eats together, stays together!

Zamboanga del Sur Vice Governor Ace Cerilles recently shared how the Cerilles fambam spends their Sundays at home. On his Facebook account, the Politiko shared a photo of them dining together for lunch.

In the photo, Zamboanga matriarch Aurora Enerio-Cerillescan be seen seated at the middle seat, while Dumalinao Mayor Junaflor Sweet Cerilles, VG Ace’s wife, and him were seated right across each other. The couple have their Trace Anthony, Topaz Avery and Alexander Thor next to them.

“Sunday lunch with family. Insert Daddylo and Tanisha #myLife #myFamily 😉”, the Politiko captioned the post, referring to his dad, Antonio “Tony” Herrera Cerilles, Governor and father of Zamboanga del Sur and his daughter Tanisha.