Sophia Parojinog wants to find out grandparents’ murder masterminds

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It looks like the young Parojinog is full of vengeance.

Daughter of Nova Parojinog, Sophia Naja Adriana, recently showed some hints that she wants to find out who’s behind the murder of her relatives. The eighteen year old unveiled her vengeful perspective by relating a meme context to last year’s drug-linked killings of Mayor Aldong Parojinog, his wife and 13 more casualties.

“When you figure out whos behind the murder of your grandparents. Hmm”, she wrote on her Facebook account, along with a meme that originally says “When you find out who the killer is before the episode ends.”

Sophia’s mom, former Ozamiz Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog is currently detained for drug and illegal firearm charges.