Sophia Parojinog vows to do more outreach in Mindanao

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The eighteen year old said that her 2016 experience was her very first outreach program, without the help of her mother.

On her Instagram account, the daughter of Nova Parojinog Engracia shared a photo from 2016, which shows her outreach program at a local elementary school in Mindanao. It was in December 2016, back when her lolo Aldong was still seated as Mayor of Ozamiz City, and her mom as the Vice Mayor.

“Throwback to my very first outreach program in Ozamiz. First on my own without my mom and this isn’t part of any government related etc./activity”, she captioned her post.

Sophia and her brother Edrey are currently in Manila, after the bloody raid that killed more than 12 of her relatives. Her mom is now detained for charges on illegal drugs and firearm possession.

“I promise to do more when I come back soon”, she quipped.