Sophia Parojinog unleases some tea: Bantay lang nakulong!


The young apo of slain Ozamiz Mayor Aldong Parojinog shared a poster that disses the administration’s drug war.

It seems like the daughter of former Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog, Sophia Naja Adriana, still has some vendetta hidden deep within her heart. The artista-in-the-making recently shared a post on her Facebook account suggesting the inefficiency of the Duterte administration’s drug war.

The original post from Freedom Wall PH, lists down alleged drug-linked personalities and points out how they have not been arrested. The post further added that warehouse caretaker Fidel Dee took the blame.

The eighteen year old had previously expressed vengeful perspective, and vowed to seek justice to the drug-linked killings of her relatives including Mayor Aldong Parojinog, his wife and 13 more casualties. President Duterte had previously said that the Parojinogs “deserved” what happened to them, and backed the police force behind the killings.