Sophia Parojinog transforms into Catriona Gray


She could easily pass as a beauty queen too!

Twenty year old “Kendall Jenner” of Ozamiz really has the looks of a supermodel. Sophia Naja Adriana, the eldest daughter of former Ozamiz city Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog Engracia, shared how much she looks like Miss Universe, Catriona Gray. On her Instagram account, the young Parojinog shared a fierce looking photo of her, digitally embedded on the body of the Filipina beauty queen.

Sophia, who turned twenty this year, is currently living in Manila with her immediate relatives, following the drug raid that took the lives of 16 individuals in Ozamiz back in July 2017, including her dear “Papa”, former Mayor Aldong Parojinog. She was seen attending a couple of Star Magic workshops together with her cousins, It’s Showtime TV contenders Richard Parojinog and TNT Finalist Sofronio Vasquez.