Sophia Parojinog shows off dance moves

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Watch out, stardom! This Parojinog teen is set to conquer the stage soon.

Nova Princess Parojinog Engracia’s teen daughter, Sophia Naja Adriana, recently showed off her dance moves to her followers. On her Instagram account, the eighteen year old Parojinog granddaughter shared a snippet of her dance rehearsals where she can be seen groovin’ to upbeat hiphop music. Sophia and her brother Edwardrey recently graduated from their second Star Magic Workshop Dance classes last June 3.

Sophia, who’s been a youth ambasadress in Ozamiz City, left her hometown last year to pursue a life in Manila. Her mom is still currently detained for drug-linked charges. Meanwhile, her uncle Ricardo Parojinog had been caught in Taiwan after months of man hunt operations.