Some Duterte supporters are leaving Facebook and are migrating to this site

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Bye FB, hello to this Russian-based social media network.

It appears that some ka-DDS members have already decided to leave Facebook and migrate to a new site. Nayong Pilipino Executive Director Maria Fema Duterte comically wrote on her Facebook that Duterte supporters will be closing their FB accounts after the site tapped Vera Files and Rappler as its third party fact-checking arm. On the comments section, some Duterte supporters urged one another to sign up in Russian social media site VK.

“kelangan mailipat nila followers natin sayang yun”, one commenter said, referring to the number of Duterte supporter Facebook users.

“Madami na sa VK. Tara na”, another one quipped.

Would this Facebook boycott movement be sustained in the long run? You be the judge.

Posted by Anna Park on Friday, April 13, 2018