Side trip muna! VG Shirlyn Villanueva explores Tawi-Tawi


The Politiko happily enjoyed her brief stay in the beautiful islands of Tawi-Tawi.

North Cotabato Vice Governor Shirlyn Villanueva recently shared her breathtaking photos from her trip to Tawi Tawi. The Vice Governor, along with fellow Politikos from Mindanao, attended the Philippine Vice Governor League Mindanao Regional Conference organized by Governor Angel Matba and Vice Governor Michael Ahajah last 20 to 22 September 2018.

“The Tawi Tawi (which means “far far away”) i’ve personally seen and felt, far from the one the media has ruined. Blue green and prestine sea waters, lively marine life and very warm people who received us and fill our stomach with lavish seafood”, VG Shirlyn wrote via Facebook.

She also thanked Gov. Matba and VG Ahajah for hosting the successful event, where they discussed leadership and local concerns.

Surely looks fun!