Shirlyn Villanueva shares sweet message for daughter Anin


The Politiko went a bit sentimental as she penned her message for her precious daughter.

Board Member Shirlyn M. Villanueva recently expressed her utmost love for her daughter Anin. On her Facebook, the Politiko shared a lengthy post for her daughter.

“In my world as a public servant, you never hesitated to represent and talked on my behalf, you gladly turn over my projects with joy and you come home to me beaming with pride and honor. From organizer, finance officer, record keeper, and the disciplinarian leader of our house, you make mommy’s work a bit lighter”, she captioned her post.

She also added that she should never mind their “LQ” as it’s all part of life.

“Soar high anak, this world is for the brave and fearless people. God has already prepared your path according to His purpose. Always discern and know that God’s love and grace is overflowing”, she added.

How sweet!