Shirlyn Villanueva emphasizes importance of stress-debriefing for kids


Here’s how to avoid trauma in kids, according to BM Shirlyn.

Following the series of earthquakes in Mindanao, Board Member Shirlyn Macasarte Villanueva highlighted the importance of stress debriefing activities to children. On her Facebook, the Politiko said that children should be taken cared of after traumatic events such as earthquakes.

“It is important to process our children after the earthquake. This activity elicits their emotions, hopes and aspirations. Many draw a heart picture and wrote an angel of God prayer, some draw a house with family inside it, and some wrote “Lord sana po wala ng lindol”’, she wrote, along with photos of her while engaging with kids.

She further shared how heartbreaking it is to see them suffer but hopeful knowing that these kids know their core.