Second life na: VG Shirlyn Villanueva recalls harrowing near-death ambush experience


The VG is indeed living her second life.

In commemoration of her second life, Vice Governor Shirlyn Villanueva recently recalled her near-death experience involving a car ambush. On her Facebook page, she said that the experience has changed her life and the way she sees things.

“Everyday has turned a blessing and every breath of life counts. No, I am not living in my pains and past but I am stepping on it as I struggle to become the best person I can”, she wrote, as she recounted how on December 28 2008, she and her cousins Chemacs Macs, Keisha Cheyne Asentista, and Kim were ambushed by more than 50 rebels.

“It has caused my temporary paralysis that until now I still endure. But God was never short of His faithfulness, because despite all those things I still live my life in awe as I continue to serve my amazing and powerful God”, she added.