Sara blasts Twitter-addict Raissa: #Featherweight


Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte just called veteran journalist Raissa Robles a small fry in a recent Twitter tirade.

Mayor Duterte, daughter of President Rodrigo Duterte, actually responded to a criticism from Robles regarding the former’s alleged arbitrary issuance of guidelines regarding the enforcement of Martial Law in Davao.

“But Sara Duterte is not the President of the Philippines. She can’t issue guideline without presidential proclamation of paper called Martial Law declaration,” Robles tweeted.

To this, the lady politiko shot back “I am mayor of Davao City. Hindi mo kasi binasa ang sinulat na guide for DABAWENYOS. Palibhasa hanggang Twitter ka lang. #featherweight.”

Robles, in her reply to Mayor Duterte, insisted “Your guidelines restricting civil liberties can’t be issued ahead of release of Martial Law declaration.”

Still it was the journo who ended the exchange by humbly tweeting, “I respect her as mayor, the highest peace & order officer in Davao City.”

The elder Duterte placed Mindanao under military rule last Tuesday (May 23) following the Maute Group attack in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur.

Shortly after the declaration, Mayor Duterte issued guidelines for the city and said that Martial Law implementation would be stricter in Davao, given that it’s the President’s hometown.