Ruby Sahali shares Eid’ul Adha celebration


The Politiko truly knows how to showcase beautiful Prayer clothes!

Tawi Tawi Politiko Ruby Maquiso Sahali recently shared her Eid ul Adha celebration with her beautiful family. On her Facebook, the stylish Politiko posted a couple of selfies, while wearing her colorful prayer clothes.

“Eid ‘ul Adha Mubarak🌙✨🙏🙏
Today’s early morning Eid’ul Adha Congregation prayer at my father’s Masjid Kapunan.
In her glittery inner Turung is my Mamang Juana Maquiso Sahali , Nihma Alibasa Vilma Saddaramil Dayang Sahali Alyssa Sahali Tan Beatriz Sahali Tan Rejie Generale(in full yellow Prayer clothes)”, she wrote.

The historic Islamic annual event marks the culmination of the hajj (pilgrimage) rites among the Muslim community.