Rodrigo Duterte II on ABS-CBN issue: Tables have turned!


For the Presidential apo, karma is real!

Presidential apo Rodrigo “Rigo” Duterte II recently shared a post involving ABS-CBN executives and other Politikos. On his Facebook, the young Duterte reposted a photo of Gabby Lopez, along with the late Miriam Defensor, Jojo Binay, Grace Poe, and Mar Roxas, among others. The post claims that President Rodrigo Duterte can be seen in the background, not joining the group.

“You may be powerful today but time is more powerful than you. So be good, and do good! PS: this picture depicts how small PRRD for them. Thus, resulted from disrespecting him even up to present. But today, from NOBODY to SOMEBODY”, the original post read.

The photo that claims to be President Duterte, however, is too blurred to be recognized.

“What goes around, comes around. Be careful how you treat people. Karma is real. Note: the yellow circle is no less than PRRD”, the post read.