Rigo Duterte taunts Trillanes: Naging Barney sa Davao!


The son of Paolo Duterte shared a meme which taunts the opposition Senator, regarding his visit in Davao City.

Second eldest Presidential grandson Rodrigo “Rigo” Duterte II recently shared a meme that refers to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV as Barney. On his Facebook, the son of Paolo Duterte shared the post, which compares a mighty dinosaur when he is in Manila, to a cute and cuddly cartoon character Barney which denotes Mr. Trillanes upon landing in Davao City, the turf of the Duterte family.

Rigo, the son of Paolo Duterte with his former wife Lovelie Sangkola, has been an avid supporter of his lolo and the Duterte administration.