Rigo Duterte takes pride in dad’s mobile trike project


The Presidential apo, will probably follow the footsteps of his dad.

Rodrigo Duterte II, the second eldest son of Paolo Duterte who’s also in charge to oversee his dad’s projects, recently took pride in the latest Mobile Trike initiative of his father. On his Facebook, Rigo shared a post showing the new patrol trikes, care of Mr. PZD’s office.

“The Staff of Congressman Pulong Z.Duterte distributes Mobile Tricycle Patrols for the Baranggays of the First District of Davao City”, the original caption read.

Rigo oversees a couple of businesses in Davao City. He is the sibling of Omar Vincent and Isabelle, kids of Paolo with his first wie, Lovelie Sangkola.

Posted by Rodrigo S. Duterte II on Thursday, 21 May 2020