‘Pu—g ina kang UN!’ Duterte insists on behaving his way, tells int’l groups he won’t follow their rules

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President-elect Rodrigo Duterte couldn’t care less about how the international community would react to his statements even if the whole world is now watching his every move and word as the Philippines’ top leader.

In a press conference in Davao City Thursday (June 2), Duterte was asked what he thought of the calls made by certain international groups to file a suit against him following his recent controversial remarks.

The President-elect said in response: “Bullshit to them.”

He then slammed the seemingly wanton move to file cases against him just “because there’s a convention of this, convention of that in the UN (United Nations).”

“Pu—g ina kang UN. Eh hindi mo nga masolve-solve ‘yung patayan diyan sa Middle East,” he said.

“They’re killing people. You cannot even lift a finger in Africa. They’re butchering the black people there,” he added.

Though he did not mention any foreign entity in particular, Duterte appeared to address them when he told them to shut up and stop imposing their standards on him.

“Tumahimik nga kayo. Do not force your code of conduct on me. You’re not supposed to do that. I never signed anything that said I have to behave in such a manner or in that manner,” he said.