Proud ka-DDS! Dong Mangudadatu proudly wears ‘Du30’ barong at BOL plebiscite


This Politiko’s fashion statement is totally extra!

Congressman Zajid Mangudadatu recently wore his signature barong embroidered the iconic Duterte fist during the historic Bangsamoro plebiscite on Monday, January 21. On his Facebook page, the Politiko shared photos from his visit to the polling precinct, where he can be seen clad in a shite barong with a “DU30” logo embroidered at the left side and a “DONG” logo on the right side.

“Hindi alintana ang puyat at pagod para sa aking YES TO BOL vote!”, he captioned his post.

Cong. Zajid, who’s running as a senator under the PDP-Laban Party, would often be spotted in the Hosue of Representatives donning his clenched fist DU30-inspired barongs.

One proud ka-DDS si Congressman!