Presidential apo Rigo Duterte wants zero vote for Revilla, Estrada, Enrile


The son of Paolo Duterte shared a poster urging the Filipinos not to vote for these three candidates.

Second eldest Presidential grandson Rodrigo “Rigo” Duterte II recently shared a poster saying not to make the same mistakes, and not vote for Revilla, Estrada and Enrile on the upcoming senatorial elections. On his Facebook, the son of Paolo Duterte shared the post, which shows the hashtag, #ZeroVotePlunderers.

“Huwag nap o natin iboboto ulit ang mga ito!”, the poster, originally shared by a certain LA Shi, read.

Rigo, the son of Paolo Duterte with his former wife Lovelie Sangkola, has been an avid supporter of his lolo and the Duterte administration.