PPM protesters: What happened to Paolo Duterte’s case?


In a united call for justice for the death of 17-year-old Kian Loyd Delos Santos of Caloocan City, protesters at the People Power Monument on Monday said due process under the war on drugs has now become a privilege, not a right.

They questioned the government for sentencing to death the poor, while the influential people are given due process, like presidential son Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte.

Paolo Duterte’s name is being dragged by a witness to the shipment of the P6.4-billion worth of drugs from China into the country. But President Rodrigo Duterte challenged the accusers of his son to produce evidence of his involvement in illegal activities.

Around a thousand protesters expressed their sentiments through placards bearing calls for justice for more than 12,000 people killed during the administration’s campaign against illegal drugs.