The plot thickens: Isabelle Duterte apologizes to friend who was hospitalized

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The Presidential apo said that she just wanted to clear her friend’s name against some accusations.

Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte’s daughter, Isabelle, recently took to Facebook her concerns over some accusations being thrown at a friend, who is currently hospitalized. Though it was unclear who she was referring to, Isabelle wrote the lengthy post during the height of her online brouhaha involving her dad.

“My friend, who is now in the hospital, is a good friend of mine since we were 7th grade. My friend’s family has shown respect to me and my mother over the years, I’m quite sure considering that my friend is also coming from a respectable family my friend is decent enough to keep an image far from what my friend is accused of”, she wrote on her page, adding that she’s doing it for the welfare of her friend.

“This was never my intention and never wanted for this to happen”, she added.

In a series of online posts, Isabelle aired out her sentiment over a “Duterte” who allegedly hurt someone physically. Meanwhile, VM Pulong responded by saying that he is only concerned over the welfare of his daughter.