Pia Parojinog to mom Nova: I always got your back!


The pretty apo of the late Aldong Parojinog greeted her mom a happy birthday.

Former Ozamiz City Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog’s daughter, Sophia Naja Adriana recently took to Instagram her message for her dear mama. The young Parojinog, dubbed as Ozamiz’ Youth Ambassadress, posted a throwback photo of her and her mom back when she was still seated on a public position.

“Happy birthday mommy @novaeparojinog i love you. Always beside you and through anything in life, ate will never leave you”, she wrote.

She also recently expressed how much she wants to do public service. Sophia’s mom, former Ozamiz Vice Mayor Nova is currently detained for drug and illegal firearm charges. Meanwhile, her uncle Ricardo Parojinog, who had been a fugitive for months, was captured by the authorities in Taiwan.