Pia Parojinog on Lt. Colonel Jovie Espenido: My lolo gave him a favor!

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The young Parojinog threw some shade on her Instagram account.

Almost three years following the tragedy that struck the Parojinog clan in 2017, Mayor Aldong’s apo, Sophia Naja Adriana “Pia” Parojinog shared her thoughts on her relatives’ killings. On her Instagram account, the nineteen year old shared a couple of throwback photos following the bloody drug-linked raid in their home in Ozamiz last year,that took the lives of 16 individuals. She shared a photo of her mom Nova and lolo Aldong, together with Lt. Colonel Jovie Espenido.

“You did him a favor, he just did not know about it. He should be grateful”, she wrote on her stories.

She further added that her family’s happiness was to serve and that it hurts her so much thinking about them.