Pia Parojinog jokes: I hope they won’t kill me when I return to Ozamiz!


Some morning tea from the one and only daughter of Nova Parojinog!

Daughter of drug-linked former Ozamiz City Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog, Sophia Naja Adriana, jokingly revealed that she’s fearing for her life if she returns to her home, Ozamiz. On Instagram, she responded to a query from a fan, asking if she’d return to Ozamiz.

“Ozamiz is my home. Under some circumstances I cannot come home yet. But it’s my home and I miss going back to Ozamiz. I hope they won’t kill me wen I visit there”, she wrote.

Sophia’s relatives, including her lolo Ozamiz Mayor Reynaldo “Aldong” Parojinog, were gunned down in 2017 in their own home in Ozamiz. This prompted arrests of her relatives who went into hiding after the raid. She and her brother are currently living in Manila.