Para ma-recharge! Mayor Climaco prepares vegetable salad for family


Despite her tough job as head of Zamboanga City, Mayor Beng Climaco could still find time to do her duties as a housewife.

On her Facebook page, the mayor shared that she prepared vegetable salad for her family, one of her ways to “recharge” after a busy day working at the City Hall.

“After almost nine hours of zoom sessions that covered 71 items at the Zoning Board up to all the discussions and evaluation on our Covid Response on Quarantine, Isolation, Testing, Tracing, and Treatment Algorithm – as human, I also get tired and feel the need to recharge but I am thankful to Team ZC, Reachealth and Dr. Myl Amsid for all the hard work,” she said Thursday, August 27.

“After all is done, I am housewife that heads to the kitchen with our dear Chef Mama Lu, we prepared our salad using the fresh produce by our neighbor who is a lettuce grower plus other vegetables to come up with a healthy meal tonight. We count our blessings every single day,” Climaco said.