Paolo pikon? Sara Duterte: Vice mayor considered resigning at height of smuggling controversy

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Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte already considered resigning when his name was dragged into smuggling at the Bureau of Customs, his sister said.

In a press conference Wednesday (December 27) in Davao City, Mayor Sara Duterte belied allegations that the vice mayor’s decision to quit his post was done in a haste.

“Yung issue ng name dropping sa BOC, he was already thinking about resigning. He was torn,” she said.

Sara said her brother’s resolve to quit only rose in light of recent events, including a public spat with his daughter, Isabelle.

“He (Paolo) explained it na linked siya sa past relationship,” she said.

Speaking before the Davao City council on Christmas Day (December 25), Paolo said he wanted to resign immediately out of delicadeza because of the controversies hounding him.

He hinted that his first wife and Isabelle’s mother, Lovelie Sangkola Sumera, may have something to do with the scandals he is facing.

Sara said she did not advise Paolo to change his mind about resigning because he was “very firm” about it.

“I only listened to his reason and I told him, ‘I will support you all the way,'” she said.