Paolo Duterte’s ex-wife to son Rigo: I am so proud of you!


The former Presidential daughter-in-law shared a sweet message in celebration of her son, Rodrigo Duterte II’s 22nd birthday.

Lovelie Sangkola Sumera, the former wife of Paolo Duterte, recently penned a lengthy message for her son, Rodrigo “Rigo” Duterte II. On her Instagram, the renowned Tausug businesswoman shared an old picture of her and her kids Isabelle and Rigo, along with a sweet message.

“I love you from the depths of my soul. Nothing can and will never change that”, she wrote via IG stories.

Rigo, who just turned 22, is the second eldest son of Paolo with Ms. Lovelie.

“Happy happy birthday mykangkengs”, she added.

Rigo is based in Davao, and celebrated his birthday with the Zimmerman-Duterte family. Meanwhile, his two siblings Omar and Isabelle are often seen with their maternal relatives.