Paolo Duterte reacts to viral FB post: Ugok, ano ba kaso namin ni Mans?

The Presidential son left his message after seeing the viral post involving him and some other controversial individuals tagged as ‘big fish’.
Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte called out a government emoployee whoe shared a viral post circulating around Facebook that tages the VM, his brother in law Mans Carpio and other personalities as big fish who were not jailed yet. 
The Presidential son directed his Instagram post to a certain Gilbert Pacificar and said that there are, in fact, no cases against him. 
“Matanong ko lang. May kaso ba sa amin ni Mans? Mr. Gilbert Pacificar? Ang bobo mo naman nagtataka tuloy ako bakit sa gobyerno ka nagtatrabaho..Isa ka siguro sa pinagbgyan na galing sa mga leftist…magresign ka na ugok”, he wrote.
This Politiko is truly not afraid to speak out his thoughts on social media!