Paolo Duterte to Kris Aquino: Sorry Krissy, wag magdrama!

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The Presidential son made this remark just in time for the EDSA revolution’s anniversary.

Former Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte took to Facebook his sentiments about the upcoming 32nd anniversary of the EDSA uprising. On his Facebook page, the Presidential son uploaded a photo of a “Galaw Dilaw” poster, insinuating the ‘broken promise’ following the leadership of two Aquinos.

“The commemmoration of EDSA is a reminder of a broken promise 30 years since”, the poster read.

This February 25th will be the 32nd anniversary of the uprising of the masses held alog EDSA against the dictatorship of then President Ferdinand Marcos, which led to the assumption of Presidency of Cory Aquino.

“Oo nga no….sorry krissy ha wag magdrama….laro nalang PS4…#eatshitanddie”, he captioned the post, referring to Kris Aquino.

Juicy naman! Wonder how Krissy would react?