P25K lang! Photographer says Isabelle Duterte barely spent for Malacañang shoot

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By: Xave Gregorio

The photographer of Isabelle Duterte’s Palace photoshoot dispelled rumors that the presidential granddaughter spent a fortune for her pre-debut shoot.

Photographer Lito Sy claimed in a Facebook post that Isabelle’s shoot at Malacañang only set the Duterte family back by at least P25,000, which was payment for stylist Jeff Galang.

Sy said makeup artist Winn Ramos was also paid, but did not disclose the amount paid to him.

“Nakakaawa naman ang dalaga sa mga paninirang di totoo. Ang bait and very down to earth ang dalaga,” Sy said.

“I felt sorry sa mga taong sumusulat ng di nila alam ang real story kundi hakahaka lang lahat masira lang reputation ng mga Dutertes.”

Sy belied rumors that he charged the Dutertes P250,000 for the photoshoot and said he did the shoot for free as a favor for Isabelle’s mom, Lovelie Sangkola Sumera, who is “a very good friend of mine in Davao during early 90s.”

The red gown worn by Isabelle in the shoot from Garimon Roferos Couture was supposedly “sponsored” and flown in from Dubai through LBC by the designer who is also a “good friend din ng Mom ni Isabelle noong di pa siya sikat.”

Sy claimed that Galang provided the other gowns worn by Isabelle for the shoot, as he borrowed the high fashion pieces from designers “from famous designers in exchange for credits and milage.”

Even the shoes worn by Isabelle were also free, as these were lended to the presidential granddaughter by brands for publicity “kasi nga artista na si Isabelle under Viva.”

“Di po si Paolo Duterte ang nagbayad sa suppliers kasi may kaya naman po si Mommy ni Isabelle na isang business woman,” Sy said.

“Sana sa mga gustong manira sa mga Dutertes sana alamin nyo muna ang totoong kwento bago kayo manghusga.”

Isabelle was heavily criticized online for her pre-debut shoot, even calling the presidential granddaughter “imeldefic” over the photoshoot in Malacañang.