Over 90% new Covid-19 cases in Davao City, not vaccinated, says Mayor Sara


Most new cases of coronavirus disease in Davao City during the past week were unvaccinated, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio said Monday, September 13.

The local chief executive said that of the 3,304 new Covid-19 cases in the city from September 5 to 11 or Morbidity Week 36 of 2021, 91.13 percent were not vaccinated while 8.86 (293) have received their vaccines.

“The unvaccinated are 91.13 percent and if we want a breakdown, how can we relate this data to our daily lives? We see the numbers of our Covid-19 positive cases. There is a big difference if you are vaccinated or unvaccinated. This should guide us to decide to get inoculated,” Duterte-Carpio said.

Of the 293 vaccinated Covid-19 cases, she said 148 received Sinovac shots; 72 had AstraZeneca; 62 got Pfizer; six with Moderna; four were jabbed with Johnson & Johnson; one had Sputnik.

The mayor said the city rolled out more Sinovac vaccines, which explains why the China-made vaccine brand has logged more Covid-19 cases than the rest of vaccines although all of them only manifested mild symptoms or are asymptomatic cases.

Meanwhile, from September 5 to 11, Davao City logged 59 deaths. Of this number, 55 or 93.22 percent were unvaccinated while four or 6.77 were vaccinated.

Of the four vaccinated deaths, two got Sinovac jabs while the other two received Pfizer shots. Some vaccinated individuals who either became severe or critical Covid-19 cases and eventually died usually had not yet received their second doses.

“We don’t need to choose a vaccine brand because there’s that chance that all kinds of vaccines will still not prevent you from getting infected with Covid-19. What’s important is for everybody to understand that we won’t be a severe or critical case that would need to be hospitalized and get help from our doctors and health care workers who are already overwhelmed, tired, without rest, and scared. Just recently, an SPMC (Southern Philippines Medical Center) health care worker died,” she said.

The mayor also cautioned vaccinated individuals not to be complacent in going out for social gatherings since 90 percent of the city’s population are not yet vaccinated. Practicing minimum public health standards such as wearing of face mask, frequent hand washing, and social distancing will help prevent Covid-19 infection.

As of September 12, Davao City has 8,700 active cases of the total 43,039 Covid-19 cases since March 2020, with 33,027 total recoveries and 1,312 deaths.